How to Create a Unique DIY Photo Book

If you wish to create a photo book, there are a number of online editors you can use to make your work easier. However, most photo book editors do not do not offer great customized or unique templates that may match what you need. If you intend to offer a photo book as a souvenir or gift to a loved one, it is only right that you make it unique. Here are four simple tips that will help you come up with a creative DIY photo book.

Create Stories Using the Photos
You want your photo book to have photos that narrate a story about an event or a person that had an impact in your life in one way or another. It is good practice to set up the photos in a chronological way. By using the right photos, you’ll be able to commemorate the emotions of past events. In most cases, spontaneous photos tell the best true stories. Avoid the temptation of filling your photo book with studio or perfect photos.

Edit Photos Using Online Editors
Today’s online photo book editors offer multiple opportunities to make your photos awesome. For instance, you can spice up your photos by using effects such as frames, masks and filters. Some online editors also allow you to choose multiple layouts for your photo books. The kind of layout you choose can help to bring out a particular emotion. Your photo book can be quite boring if you have a lot of photos but are not using decorative signatures on them. The photos that you should take to your photo book are those that will remind you of important events in your life. For photos that convey the same story, consider setting them up as a collage so that you won’t have to omit any of them in the photo book.

Include Words in Your Photo Book
You can take your creativity to the next level and use words to support the story brought out through the photos. After years of living an eventful life, it may not be possible to remember all the events that may be portrayed in a photo. This is why it is important to write some words to accompany the photos. You can also add short comments to the photos to ensure you have the full picture of what they are meant to commemorate. Creating a unique DIY photo book is an art and art includes words. If you wish, you can write a journal about the particular events that the photos memorize.

Use Quotes in Your Photo Book
Another great way of making your photo book unique is to use quotes to convey the events that are being memorized. Search online for quotes that will fit the events being portrayed in the photos.

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